What to look forward to in Quest #2 ‘Night Creeper’

If you have played Fit for Battle then no doubt you are keen to chop your way into quest #2, ominously called 'Night Creeper'. Fit for Battle have a production schedule that releases full quests every second month. As you might have noticed a tremendous amount of care goes into the audio and music.  If it didn't, then Fit for battle wouldn't be so immersive and fun. 'Night Creeper' will arrive early September 2016. Here are some of the cool things to look out for:


Twice as many monsters


Three times as many choices


Introduction to a new friend and your arch nemesis


More random encounters with fewer manditory encounters


More magic, and the introduction of "Athletomancy" (Run Magic)


New rare and legendary artifacts

    Sound like fun? I feel sorry for my poor running shoes... Here is a video of the actors in action during the recording of 'Night Creeper' [youtube id="y-TVmVNaLgM"]

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Joel Anthony