SLAYER GOALS-The new game feature

Have you installed the latest version of Fit for Battle that came out this week? We are proud to announce our latest feature - SLAYER GOALS! Paroose on to the Heroics page and tap on the shelves to the right.   Chest_on

How it works

Every time you slay a particular monster you earn a slayer point for that monster. You will need to slay enough of that monster to crack a Slayer Chest! If you have encountered a monster, you can tap on the creature's slayer bar and learn more about it, including the hint for the loot.   ChestOpen_icon@1x

What you get

Every monster has it's very own Slayer Chest. In it is a stack of loot! You will find a set of equipment and a new title all based on the creature.   smallgobhead

Collect monster heads

Each time you complete a monster's slayer goal you get to add their head to your trophie wall on the heroics page. It's a little bit like pokemon, but instead of cute animals to raise, you get to collect disembodied heads, Woot!   New Creatures are added with every new quest, so the slaying will never end! slayer  

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Joel Anthony