A fun running app that transforms your work out into an epic fitness RPG!  

Listen to an interactive story that helps you stay motivated Speeding up or slowing down changes the direction of the story Your run unlocks epic items, rewards and achievements!     Download iOS app    

Android? We'll let you know when it launches

Fit for Battle makes running fun and keeps you motivated to achieve your fitness goals

You feel like a hero running in an epic movie; battling orcs, goblins and dragons! Winning or losing challenges changes the course of the story and random encounters keep every run different from the last.

The immersive sound effects and story keep you entertained while keeping your mind off the actual run. Your companions let you know what’s happening in the game and when to increase your speed.

Fit for Battle is suitable for all fitness levels and is easy for anybody to pick up and play. You can run outdoors or indoors and set your difficulty and duration. Run for 20 minutes, or up to an hour!

Fit for Battle uses proven fitness training techniques to get the most out of your workout

  • blue-icon3It utilises high intensity interval training (HIIT), a system where you have short bursts of speed followed by brief recovery periods. HIIT is a proven method for burning fat quickly.
  • blue-gps-icon1The App uses your smartphone’s in-built pedometer and GPS to track your exertion levels.
  • blue-icon2You can run outdoors or indoors and set your difficulty and duration. Fit for Battle works on a treadmill!
  • blue-icon4The App tracks your progress and rewards you when you improve! It converts calories burnt into gold which you spend on sweet gear.

For ALL fitness levels. Walk it, Jog it, Run it, Sprint it! - Set your own pace!

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Troubleshooter- My game looks zoomed in


My display seems large This game was designed for optimal use on 4.7” and 5.5” phones. However if you select a “zoomed” display on these devices, it defaults to a 4.0” display. Setting the D...

Troubleshooter- My steps are not counting


My steps are not updating. The game reads the step count directly from the apple Health app. Any device that syncs with the Health app (ie. Internal pedometer, iWatch, Fitbit etc) should count towards...

All Story Quests now FREE-TO-PLAY!


All Story Quests free! Woohoo!! This is the first of several major announcements we have this season. We have been creating this game for 2 years now with the intention of having a proper freemium gam...

Quest 3 is here, and more!


Quest 3 “Volcanic Inferno” has arrived, and brought more with it than just sizzling adventure. This new installment in the Fit for Battle saga sees you venturing deep into the heart of a ...