Fit for Battle busting down the launch gates

The app has finally been launched onto the Apple App Store!!!


It has been a long road for the four of us to get here, but we are excited to announce that our game Fit for Battle is out in the world and free to play!


Our vision is that people will be inspired to live more active lifestyles as there is a direct correlation between being healthy and being happy. So please tell your friends, especially those that need a lift- Exercise doesn't have to be so painful and we built this app to prove it.




https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fit-for-battle/id1099563814?ls=1&mt=8 Copy and paste this link and message it to your friends. Your good reviews on the app page will also help up reach more people who could use this app. So please give us a rating as soon as you can.

I really want to thank all the people who signed up on our website to be on a waiting list to play. As well, I'd like to thank those of that group who playtested the beta for 3 months. Some of you running the same 20 minute quest every other day for that whole time! You are an inspiratation!


Mostly I want to thank our significant others and families, who were patient with us pursuing this dream. It was a whole year of unpaid work and I am thankful that you saw the vision and supported us, right the way up to this moment where the game finally launches.

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