Dungeons & Dragons + Running = The Ultimate Fitness Game!

Ever wondered what would happen if you combined; running, Dungeons & Dragons and a fitness app? Well wonder no longer as the result is Fit for Battle - the first and only story based fitness game where your performance affects the story-line!

Dungeons & Dragons - the best and the worst

Dungeons & Dragons is heralded as the foundation for all modern fantasy role playing games. Thanks to them, we have been able to push the limits of our imagination and entertain that inner child that wants to be a hero and do anything! Sadly though, the game is also synonymous with binge eating, sugary drinks, and a lot and lot of sitting down. (hey at least that brain muscle is getting a workout right?).

Imagination is wonderful - and so is exercise

Now for those of us who like building up their characters and going on wondrous journeys- Here is some great news: Fit for Battle is an app that applies all the same decisions, outcomes and consequences and applies it to walking and running. You conquer bad guys and take their loot too! This isn't a graphics-based game, it's audio. So it relies on the player opening up the theatre of the mind as they exercise. Just like we do when we sit around the gaming table and listen to the dungeon master describe a scene.

Non linear story - it changes with you

The difference is that you don't roll a dice in this game (Although a lot of random things occur) you instead have to physically speed up to make attacks or break down walls. There are moments in the game where you are given choices - Go left or right? Stop and help the peasant or keep going? It keeps the story-line pivoting here and there so that a complete custom adventure is experienced.

To summarise: Why not take your game to the streets? Exercise doesn't have to be dull and monotonous. It can be fun and full of twists and turns, stimulating your imagination like a great tv show or a good DM.

So to all my fit nerds out there, HAPPY QUESTING!




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Joel Anthony