What is a fitness RPG running game?

"Oh so you're like that zombie game, right?"

Short answer: Not exactly... When trying to effectively describe how Fit for Battle differs from other gamified running apps it can sometimes be tricky. When we first planned out what we wanted from Fit for Battle we set out to create something unlike anything else. We wanted a truly interactive experience, something cinematic, surprising, with a textural world that you could feel immersed in - a true fitness RPG!

What Fit for Battle is:

A full-time audio adventure that places you, the runner at the centre of a 3D radio RPG adventure

A positive mind-engaging distraction from the pain of exercise

An interval training session based on real sports science

A reward system to keep you motivated to exercise

An app catering to a range of fitness levels - walking, jogging and running

What Fit for Battle is not:

It is not a straight audio book or a podcast. It has interactive story-lines that can shift

It is not a serious training platform for athletes, it is fun, made for beginners and intermediate runners who need motivation

It does not have deep RPG elements (YET). Equipment have superficial benefits that do not affect the way the game is played. Having items that would make a run "easier" would kind of defeat the purpose of exercise.

We differ from other running games because:

We are a choose-your-own-adventure story game with multiple plot tangents

We don't have blank spaces that would be filled with music or deadspace- It is full-time action packed entertainment, which provides you with a distraction from the pain.

We provide a variety of interactive elements that create lots of incentive to run faster- Dash to attack, outlast a pursuer, dash to dodge, sprint to break through doors, or booby-traps. it goes on and on.

The quests are not small one offs, they are designed to be replayed. You can discover new encounters and other Easter-eggs when they revisit levels

Oh, and we have Keg.

In summary:

Fit for Battle is an easy to pick up running game that lets you control the action through your exercise. It is filled with interesting characters and frightful monsters that provide an engrossing distraction from the pain of running. It makes running fun and rewards you for trying and doing your best even if you are not fit at all! Ultimately we want to make reaching your health and fitness goals as enjoyable as possible  :mrgreen:

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Joel Anthony