Tips and Strategies!

Fit for Battle is a fun interactive running RPG game, that changes depending on how you perform. Here are a list of cool strategies to get the most out of the game and your workout!!  

For starters- Don't let a car hit you...

Be aware of your surroundings at all times. This could be as simple as not having your headphones so loud that you cannot hear approaching traffic. If you are running and need to stop at a street-crossing. The game will not penalise you for simply running on the spot. But if that looks goofy- Just pause the game and resume it when you can.  

Always start your run at an easy pace and build up to your normal speed as you go

The game uses an interval training system to make you speed up to win challenges. Challenges are scaled up from your average pace, so if you begin your run session too fast, you may be unable to overcome the challenges as easy. Your average pace is detected once every few minutes when the encounter switches. So if you are feeling pooped and need to slow your session right down- You can slow your pace at the start of each encounter.  

Running with your phone in-hand will help you feel the speed target vibrations

Holding the phone in palm can be a little bit different to what you normally would do on your run, but it not only allows you to feel the vibrations better (That indicates you are winning) but you also get better access to your real-time run data and are able to drink health potions manually.  

Turn on Auto-Potion so that you cannot be slain easily

Auto-Potion option allows your health to be topped up automatically should you ever sustain damage. You can turn auto-potion on at the bottom left of the running screen. It can also be switched on/off in the settings window that is accessed on the home page. NOTE: if you do run out of potions. Then chances are the bad guys will win.  

Keeping your Apple Health App up to date will make for a personalised Fit for Battle

All iPhones have the Health app (HealthKit). Fit for Battle uses the info contained there to create the algorythm specific to your body type. If your weight/height/age/sex are kept up to date then the game will be able to formulate a better run session for you.  

Always warm up and cool down with stretches

To avoid injury- Stretching before and after an exercise is very important. If you want to vanquish evil on a regular basis, then stretch those badboys! Nothing sets you back more than an injury.  

Eat good train good

Exercise is one thing, but half of the battle is adopting a balanced diet. That doesn't mean not eating fat or stopping sugar entirely. It's just as simple as having a varied diet that isn't sugar or fat dominant.  

Tell a friend!

If you have a good run or you beat one of your personal bests, then tell your friends. Not many people know that they can have fun while they exercise. Fit for Battle is also a great introduction into being more active and losing weight. So if you know someone who needs a motivator, tell them about it!

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Joel Anthony