In the studio, making the demo

We needed to make a demo track, something to prove that the concept would work in an aural way. We needed to test that the script could work in a game sense and how we could actually design blocks of encounters to stream together naturally. After a long auditioning process we locked down a pair of excellent voice actors to play the roles of your two running companions. Keg the dwarf meathead - Oliver Pink Shia the she-elf - Kathryn Critchley It was our first time in the recording process so we enlisted the help of Dale Willis to help engineer a good sound and system. With also a handful of other smaller acting parts we grabbed a few friends. We recorded 4 full encounters. each with varying levels of complexity. Eg. Wolves are tracking you as you run through the forest. You choose if you want to out-run them or stay and fight. So that is 2 splits in the audio, then each of them go to another split. If you out-run them, you escape. if you fail to get away- you get mauled. If you stay and fight, you defeat the pack leader, or you fail and get mauled. That is about 15 minutes of audio for a 5 minute encounter. Audio block structures - Demo mechanic-01 blog-img2

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Joel Anthony